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Steel Caster Store Buying Guide


Things to be aware of

Does it have the same overall height?

Make sure that if you are replacing a caster that is has the same overall height as the other casters.

Does the attaching plate have the same dimensions?

Many of the products look very similar but the plate that attaches the caster to the object you are putting it on may have a different bolt patten.

What floor surfaces are steel and metal wheels good for?

Steel and metal casters work well on finished concrete floors and floors that have oil and grease solvents, alkalines, acids, and metal chips.  NOT Recommended for: finished hard wood floors, ceramic tile, vinyl tile.

Difference between types of wheel?

The difference between the various wheel types is how they were made and the capacity they can hold. 

Sintered Iron - great cost efficient alternative for light to medium duty loads

Steel & Cast Iron - strong, long lasting, price efficient for heavy loads

Ductile Steel - made of a combination of alloys that make it stronger than the steel and cast iron. 

Crowned Ductile Steel - offers same attributes as the ductile steel while the crown allows for easier maneuvering than the flat tread. 

Forged - is hot droped forged allowing for the highest strength and capacity of all the wheels.

What are the differences between the Rigs?

While many of the rigs look the same, they are not.  The different rigs allow for different weight capacites based on the material of the rig and the way they it is constructed.

How to pick out the correct bearings?

*All built casters come with standard roller bearings.  If you would like a different type of bearing please contact us.

In selecting just the wheel, you will find the option to choose various bearing types with various I.D. (inside diameters). The I.D. determines the axel size. Below is a description of each type of bearing.

Standard Roller Bearing Kit: Our most recommended bearing. Meets most application needs - comes with thrust washers and spanner 

Drawn Cup Bearing Kit: best used for constant side load applications - comes with thrust washer and spanner. 

Ball Bearings Kit: Offer excellent ease of rolling and no lubercation required - intergrated spanner bushing.

Brass Flanged Bearing Kit: Durable under wide range of temperature and is corrosion ressistant (comes with 2)



What are the characteristics of steel and metal wheels?

Ease of Rolling Good
Load Carrying Ability Excellent
Noise in Operation High
Floor Protection Poor
Resiliency Good
Impact Resistance Good
Moisture & Chem Resistance Fair
Abrasion Resistance Good
Temperature Range - High 800o
Temperature Range - Low -65o


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