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Groovedwheels.com Joins the Steel Caster Store Family

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Great news, we are launching Groovedwheels.com. GroovedWheels is specialized on v-grooved wheels and v-groove casters. Everything the store offers is focused on metal track grooved wheels and casters.

What makes GroovedWheels.com special its efficient faceted search and filter function that allows you to quickly find the right caster for your needs.

Steel Caster Store - difference between steel casters vs. other types

So why would you want to use steel and metal wheel casters over other types? The first reason is for load capcity. Steel and metal wheel casters are going to have some of the highest capacity available. They are also very durable and long lasting. If they are working in harsh conditions and hevily used, [...]

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Steel Caster Store, the premier online steel and metal caster store

The Steel Caster Store is here for all of your steel and metal wheel caster needs.  If you dont see what your looking for on the site, call us and talk to someone who has been in the caster business for over 20 years, and they will make sure you get exactly what you need.  www.steelcasterstore.com 713-227-1144 [...]

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Steel Caster Store adds threaded stem casters with metal wheels

The Steel Caster Store has recently added more products to choose from.  The most recent additon to the Steel Caster Store are the 3/4" threaded stem casters with a metal wheel. You can choose from 3-1/4" threaded stem caster with a metal wheel, 4" threaded stem caster with a metal wheel, 5" threaded stem caster with a [...]

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New steel casters coming soon!

The Steel Caster Store is constanly adding new products to its store. Be sure to check out the new steel wheel casters and metal wheel casters. If you dont see what your looking for, give us a call, and we will make sure you find what you need. If you are looking for other casters [...]

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Steel Caster Store Buying Guide

Things to be aware of Does it have the same overall height? Make sure that if you are replacing a caster that is has the same overall height as the other casters. Does the attaching plate have the same dimensions? Many of the products look very similar but the plate that attaches the caster to the object you are [...]

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Steel Casters - Stainless steel casters

While we offer all sorts of steel wheel casters and metal wheel casters, we do not currently have stainless steel casters on our site. You can visit our sister site, mappcaster.com and find stainless steel casters along with many other types of casters and caster wheels.   www.steelcasterstore.com

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steel casters vs cast iron casters

There are a few differences when it comes to steel wheel casters compared to cast iron wheels casters. The main difference is that steel casters are going to have a higher weight capacity than cast iron wheel casters. A cast iron wheel caster offers an affordable alternative to steel wheel casters, which are used in [...]

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Steel Casters

The steel caster store is excited to announce that it has several new steel casters, metal casters, steel wheels, and metal wheels that will be added to the site soon.  For more information on our new steel casters, metal casters, steel caster wheels, and metal caster wheels please give us a call or email. 800.345.0425 sales@steelcasterstore.com www.steelcasterstore.com

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Steel Caster Store Open for Business

Welcome to the Steel Caster Store! We are a new website but have been selling casters and caster wheels for over 20 years.  In the Steel Caster Store you will find a wide selection of steel wheel casters, metal wheel casters, and steel and metal caster wheels. We try to make it as easy to [...]

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